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“My life lately has been busier than I’d like as I give, give give……I totally needed to receive, receive receive. I’m restored, renewed and at peace now. Thank you for helping  guide me back.” ~ JS

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In-Person Intuitive Sessions

Intuitive guidance for your body, mind and spirit for the highest and best support for wherever you are on your path.

In-person sessions begin in a very special environment, where peace and tranquility permeate the air. Located 20 minutes west of Bellevue, and 35-45 minutes west of Nashville, my “office”, lovingly referred to as “The Sacred Space”, is surrounded by beautiful trees, a pond, and a


hiking trail, near the Narrows of The Harpeth State Park. As one client said, “I didn’t realize it until I got here, but my soul has been craving this incredible silence for years. It’s tangible, and filled with such peace.” Inside the Sacred Space, you will find a massage table (for reiki and energy treatment), a grand piano (to listen to and feel the beautiful frequencies that will be a prescription for your well-being), orgonites, crystals, flower essences, and many other tools to help you communicate better with your body. Years of deep listening and learning has given me many gifts for Spirit to come through and give whatever Guidance would be most helpful to you at this time.

In-Person sessions are approximately 90 minutes and cost $125

The Toolbox

Here is a sampling of the various modalities I use to support your journey: music, reiki, crystals, guided meditation, flower essences, orgonites, color therapy, and more. Everyone is unique and will resonate with different communications. Our working intention for the highest and best outcome, will open up new potentials.

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