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Music naturally poured from my heart at an early age. The sound of the piano lit up my soul, and I knew that my connection to The Divine within longed to express itself through that medium. I pursued that expression, and it proved to be a path of wisdom, inspiration, answers, cleansing, beauty, and true connection to Source. It became my most sacred and intimate connection, allowing a nonjudgmental, objective yet emotional healing, which transformed my life. Music and its Divine properties ultimately led me to unconditional love, and the longing to share that gift with others.

I love The Divine - The Great Creator - That Universal Energy that lives within and around us. I came into this world knowing that God exists and God is Love. Fortunately, I did not grow up in a religious family that viewed God as a judge, fearing an eternal “prison”. However, I did grow up in a family that offered me choices. I could have chosen fear, drugs, alcohol, or suicide - or I could choose to believe in a Source that was there to Guide, Protect, and Love me. I chose the latter, and all of my life decisions have been based on that. I relied solely on that Universal Energy as my Best Friend, and grew up naturally communicating with Source.  Through various channels of communication, I gained wisdom on how to love unconditionally, the importance of self-respect, self-healing techniques, and interpreting messages for others. Through life experience, songwriting, prayer, Tai Chi Chuan, and meditation, I have dedicated my life to listening to The Divine. My music helped heal me, and has since aided in others' healing. Over time, I found my journaling and communicating with Spirit, can also come through for others. My greatest teacher  is Source, the One I turn to for answers and guidance. As I share my gifts, I am humbled and honored by the pure Love that our Divine Creator has for each and every one of us. It is my greatest joy to share the sacred, intimate Love of The Divine with others.

In all of my years doing this work, I live in awe and wonder, as each person is seen and heard as they receive information and messages that are designed specifically for them. Over the years, I have learned that there are answers, there is guidance, and love is always around us. In deep listening, Source provides that which your heart already knows, and I am able to bring to light. In this co-creative experience, I invite you to enter the Sacred Space and receive Spirit's wisdom and support. I look forward to meeting you, and witnessing God’s perfect expression of Love for you.

 ~ love and light,


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