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    magine sitting in a private studio with 10 other people around a grand piano and hearing a song that was chosen especially for you by your own guidance system. Not only does this song speak directly to you, but everyone else's song brings about even more clarity about your path.


The Sacred Space Experience is for you if:

• You have been searching for answers

• You feel blocked or uninspired

• You are moved emotionally by soul-inspired music

• You are looking for physical, emotional or spiritual well being

• You love synchronicity

• You believe in the power of vibrational healing

If you are interested in attending a Sacred Space Experience, or hosting one, contact Julie by email at:

If you need lodging near the studio, Julie is located about 40 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee. She can guide you to a beautiful retreat center for lodging.

Upcoming Sacred

Space Experiences

Those listed here are presented in Julie's private studio near Nashville, TN.

For more dates, see the  CONCERTS and EVENTS  page. Cost: $50 per person.

Email to reserve your seat

Sacred Space events are not available during Covid-19.

“I did not know what to expect and I am glad of that. It left me wide open to receive beautiful gifts of healing and love.” ~ MJ

“That was an amazing experience!!!” ~ MN

“I am blessed to have been given such a beautiful opportunity. This experience will stay with me always.” ~ JS