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Looking for Magic

Last week my husband, Rusty, went to the grocery store and when he came up to the cashier, she asked how he was doing.

“I am magical!” he declared. “The store is really busy and I didn’t have to stand in line to checkout – I just breezed in. I got my favorite parking spot right next to the cart return…you know – blue skies, green lights and all that.”

The cashier was delighted. She said, “I usually tell people to have a magical day, and you already are!”

I love magic and wonder. There’s a very real feeling of connection to the Great Creator – The I AM – God – however you want to identify it. Now that spring is emerging, it brings its quality of magic right before our eyes. Trees that looked bare are coming to life with beautiful buds of flowers or leaves in an array of color. When you take time to notice and observe, there’s no denying that there is a God, and that there is a Presence of Pure Love that delights in bringing forth new life.

Spring gets me in the mood to look for more evidence of God. At the beginning of this year, I started writing this blog – recounting stories of my life. It has been on my mind for several years to write, but the inspiration only came in spurts. Some of my childhood experiences have been incredibly sad, and I battled with the idea of showing that darkness. What good would it do? I don’t want people reading these things feeling sorry for me. It it’s a cathartic process, why do it publicly?

I decided to finally commit and post a blog once a week, because the directive to write one story at a time came from God. I felt the request very specifically and decided to do it for that reason, and that reason only. Whatever plans God has for it is completely up to Him. This took the pressure off the ‘why’ and ‘what for’ and I began to write.

What I’m beginning to notice (and maybe you have too, if you’ve been reading them) is that through the darkness there is a thread of magic that keeps me going. Experiences that seem to say, “I’m still here. I’m with you, and I love you.” One perfect example of that was in the blog entitled “The Day the Sun Went Out” and I argued with Rusty whether the word ‘lackadaisical’ was lack- or lacks. That night at a friend’s house, I saw the biggest dictionary of my life. It was displayed on a pedestal, already opened. When I went to look up the word, it was already on that page. But not only that, the word in bold, on the top left was ‘lackadaisical’. What are the odds?

Another great example is when I went to the park one day, and after my walk, I took a minute to make an intention to see something beautiful that I’ve never seen before. I looked around expectantly as I drove up the winding road called Pinnacle Hill, which was about 3 miles long. Halfway, on top of the hill, I suddenly noticed a donkey poking its head out of some bushes. “A donkey?! I’ve never seen a donkey up here!” It wasn’t what I had expected, but I had to agree it was beautiful. There were a few houses with big fences and a couple of horses, but I had never seen a donkey. And the way it popped its head out really delighted me. The best part of this example though, is that 2 years later, I met a woman who lived on Pinnacle Hill. She said she’s lived on that road for 20 years – there’s never been a donkey.

Magic for me is just another way of seeing God. If it weren’t spectacular, it wouldn’t be God. The birth of a baby, beautiful sunsets, spontaneous healings, a soul mate that shows up with the name of Leo*…it’s all so amazing. (*See the previous blog entitled “Kindergarten” if you don’t get this reference.)

So I’ll keep writing. And even when the darkness shows itself in the recounting of my life, I’ll be confident that at some point I’m going to see that thread of love show itself over and over again.

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