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What Are You Doing Today?

What are you doing today? A common question I get from my family and several of my friends who know I have a varied schedule. I don’t have a set Monday-Friday, 9-5, which I’m grateful for. But how I decide what I’m doing each day has changed recently.

When I don’t have to be at a certain place first thing in the morning, I take time to be still. I say that with such simplicity and confidence, however, that’s not always easy for me. My mind has habitually gone over the lists in my head, the responsibilities, the shoulds and everything that says that if I do this, I will be loved. Strange, isn’t it? Doing things for other people so that you will be loved is usually not a conscious action, but based on my past experiences, I’m finding out that I definitely have that tendency. It’s a patterning that has been drilled in me in small, subtle ways since I was a child. If I do this task, I will get love. If I don’t, I will be punished by the absence of love. (Obviously, a conditional love.)

Since I don’t have a lot of practice of knowing when I’m doing something out of love, or something to get love, I’ve decided to ask God to show me what to do with my day. I don’t want to waste the day, or any opportunities that I’m given by my to do list and constant mind chatter. I’d rather be guided by One who knows what the best thing would be for me to do with my time. And since I’ve been doing it a little more consistently, I’ve started to see the beauty in this system.

I sit in a comfortable place and take a deep breath. Then I call out to God with the phrase, “In the name of the Father…” which for some reason has been incredibly powerful for me lately. (Surprising, since I wasn’t raised Catholic and rarely used that phrase in the past.) There have been times when I’ve simply said, “I AM…” a few times, calling in the Presence, so whatever works for you I’m sure is fine. It’s just a way of setting an intention, saying “I am calling on You, the Creator, and I am aware that I am connecting with You at this moment, so I need to really be present.” Then I put in my request for a washing of peace, clarity and a quiet mind, so that I can hear. I take time to feel any sensations that move through my body, and anything I may sense in my energy field. If I feel nothing, that’s fine too. I do my best to stay in that for a few minutes, until I truly feel calm, and know that the sensation of peace will “stick”.

After the quiet, I ask, “What is it You would like me to do today? You know what’s on my heart. What would be the best thing I could do that will help me to do my best that aligns with Love, God’s will, my spirit, and will honor Him?”

This way, I put all the pressure on God. I don’t have to worry about “doing my day wrong or right” as long as I listen to the answers and follow the Guidance. The Guidance tends to come in pictures. Words will also pop in my mind. I’ll see myself playing the piano, or getting on the computer and writing. I may see an image of a friend or suddenly think of them, and know I need to check in with them. I might see myself going through my bills, working out, or going to the grocery store. I usually get about 3 or 4 “things to do.” Then I ask, “okay, what would you like me to do first?”

It sounds straightforward, well, it is straightforward, but in the beginning stages, I noticed that I would argue with the information. And it seemed perfectly natural to argue! But I’m getting better at just accepting what I’m being led to do. I’ve learned that following that Guidance brings a peaceful and incredibly productive day. There’s so much more joy and ease that comes with it. For instance, one morning, I asked, “What’s the first thing to do this morning?”

I ‘heard’ “Eat breakfast. Then make some stew.”

My first reaction was, ohhhhhh, I wanted to get some things done! And then I stopped. I had asked for help, and I was basically saying, “No that’s a bad idea. That’s not what I want to do first.” I reminded myself of whom I was talking to, and decided that if I was going to ask for guidance, I needed to follow through with it. Otherwise, what’s the use in asking?

So I made myself breakfast, and immediately felt more solid. I had forgotten that I bought things to make stew, which was remarkable to me, because God had remembered that I bought those ingredients 2 days before. I knew I must be on to something, because had the day gone the way I planned it, ‘making stew’ would not have been on the list. I realized while cooking, that it was the perfect thing to be doing. I would have thought of it as an “extra task/responsibility”, but really, the stew was going to bring me a feeling of abundance, which I was definitely needing that day. There’s nothing like having a big pot of food already made in the kitchen that is warm and ready to eat when I’m hungry for supper. You can bet my husband, Rusty, appreciated it too.

When I sat down today for my “morning meeting,” the first thing I was told was to write for an hour. It has been my commitment to write 1 hour 5 days a week. I don’t do this first thing every day. Sometimes I write at night. The timing is not consistent, because my days are not consistent. In any case, I’m glad I followed through this morning. I’ve really enjoyed this time with you. So…..what are you doing today?

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