2019 - A Brave New Year

I’ve been getting the feeling that time is running short. Really short. I know time has sped up in the past few years, and I’m blaming that on the shifting of the earth’s poles. Even the inuits noticed that the North Star is no longer where it used to be. But even with that being the case, I’m talking about my life personally. Time seems to be running out. I’ve decided to get a grip, and just sit down and work my ass off. Will this actually happen? Only time will tell. I seem

Not a big deal, unless of course, it’s a phobia

I feel my heart racing, knowing that it’s Dec. 31st. I had made a promise to put up my first blog tomorrow, which is the beginning of “exposing myself” to whoever happens to read it. Logic tells me it’s ridiculous to be frightened. There won’t be many people reading it, and it’s not like there’s something truly horrible that I’m admitting to; nothing earth-shattering is going to happen. It’s just the story of my life. And there are a lot more interesting stories out there tha