Another Julie

I made it through the 4th grade and our small, drafty house started to feel more like home. We began to get more settled into the rhythm between the 3 of us (me, Mom and John). Mom worked late, but would always leave us a note on the kitchen table if there was something she wanted us to do for supper. Sometimes it was putting potatoes in the oven so they would be ready by 5:30pm. In the summer, the list was a lot longer. She would leave us a note every morning with chores for the day. John and I always groaned when she wanted us to clean the refrigerator. It meant taking everything out and thawing out the freezer. Then wiping everything down and putting everything back. It usually took a cou

New Place, New People, New Games

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that I walked to school on my own in the 4th grade. My brother was in the middle school (6th grade) and we were just out of the two-mile radius in order to get the bus to pick us up for either school. So he walked in the opposite direction to his school, and I walked to mine. As a 10-year old, I took a short cut through the woods, crossed the main street without crossing guards, and fought the occasional thoughts of fear that a stranger might see me and take advantage of the situation. If it was raining or really cold, Mom would leave earlier and give us a ride to school before she went into work. She didn’t pick us up from school because she had to work un

New Kid In School

Blog #40 – New Kid in School Post Oct. 6th When I was 9, we moved to a small town about 20 minutes north of Milwaukee with a population less than 5,000. It was my mom’s hometown, so when she was a child in the 1930s, the population was probably less than 1,000. But from my perspective coming from the city, this town seemed slow and sleepy, and might as well have been less than 1,000. Since we moved to a new town I became Julie again. Like everything else I was attached to, my relatively new name had been taken too. My mom had already registered me at the school as Julie, so I wasn’t going to try to claim my name of Jewel again. I already stood out too much as the new kid in school and didn

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