Date Night

Mom had a full time job now and she was gaining ground on her life. She started thinking about things that she wanted for herself, which was new territory for her. One of the first things she got was the desire for a grill. She didn’t even know how to grill, but she knew she could learn. First she had to get the grill. I don’t know where she got the money for it, but one day she spontaneously went to the store and bought one. When it was delivered, it came in a box with a 1000 different pieces, including each little nut and bolt. She said she couldn’t afford to hire someone to do it for her and she wondered if she should even bother. She began emptying the box, and the discouragement of all

Sunday Mornings and Latch-Key Kids

With just the 3 of us at home, Mom did her best to keep going, but I think once the financial burden took over, and she wasn’t able to cover the bills, she started to lose hope. The court demanded that she pay back money she inherited from her Mom’s death, and since Dad declared bankruptcy, she was responsible for paying for all the bills, including the house payment. She didn’t even have a steady job and no one would give her credit or a loan. She never shared this information with me at the time and she always made us feel like we had enough. I don’t know if she shared her burdens with John or not, but it’s possible he knew what was going on. He always had a way of finding things out. I no

Child’s Play

In the 3rd grade, life had become simpler with just my mom, brother and I living in the house after my parents divorced and my two older siblings had moved in with Dad. I didn’t feel as “lost in the crowd” since we went from 6 people to 3, with me being the youngest. I also didn’t become “invisible” as often, since I felt much safer with Mom and John. John never picked on me the way my other siblings did. John had a way of making the room come to life when he was in it. These days they may have diagnosed him with ADD, since he could never sit still. The few times we went into a restaurant (which was rare) he would have to get up from his seat and wander around. He would “go off exploring” as

My 3rd Grade Job

In 1972 my house became very quiet. There was so much turmoil the year before, that the quiet soothed my soul. Dad had left – he psychologically forced my mom to divorce him. I was glad he left because he started drinking more and became more violent. He didn’t do anything to help around the house, so for me, it was like a black cloud had been lifted. My oldest brother moved in with Dad immediately, which was another black cloud leaving our home. Mom no longer had her best friend, because her best friend got a divorce and married my dad. She lost several of her friends due to the fact that they all hung out together, although a few stayed by her side during all of the trauma, especially her

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