My Sister - part 6

My sister had gone into a drug and alcohol treatment center and we were invited to come and see her at a “Family Day” given by the center. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I was a little nervous, but I was looking forward to seeing my sister sober. My mom, stepfather and I went. My mom and I drove together, and Al left work early and met us there. It was interesting to me to see what “family” was at this point in my sister’s life. When we entered the large room, all of the residents were there, as well as their families. I was surprised to see all of us in one room – I thought it was going to be more of a private conversation between us, and the counselor. I was feeling very exposed and felt

My Sister - part 5

My sister, Leslie, got married when I was 18 years old and was still a senior in high school. She had asked me to be her maid of honor, which was a big deal for me. It was another indication that she wanted to include me in her life. I was happy that she was getting married, and marrying a man who seemed to be the perfect match for her. He cared for her, could provide for her and they both seemed to be very much in love. The wedding itself presented a bit of conflict for Leslie and Mom. Dad and Bev were paying for the wedding (so Mom had no say in the planning) and Leslie was going to be wearing Bev’s gorgeous wedding gown from Bev’s first marriage. (Dad divorced my mom to be with Bev, and

My Sister - part 4

My sister had invited me out for my 18th birthday. I was all dressed up and happily anticipating the evening. I went to my sister’s place and picked her up. Her boyfriend smiled, wished me a happy birthday and told us to have a good time. I was driving but didn’t know where we were going. “Let’s go to the East-West Room first,” my sister said. “Just tell me how to get there,” I replied. I had heard of the place, but had never been there. She gave me directions and then told me that she had a very special surprise for me, but wasn’t going to let me know what it was until later. I couldn’t imagine what it could be, but her excitement about it was contagious. We arrived and went from the cold o

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