My Sister

Things at home were very different now. My dad and brother Ken had moved out, which helped to relieve the explosive and unpredictable stress in the house. But the chaos wasn’t over yet. My sister Leslie was angry, and she didn’t want to live with us, she wanted to move in with Dad, where there were no rules and boundaries. She was 12 years old, and couldn’t demand that decision until she was 13, which she had to do in custody court in front of a judge. For now the law required that she stayed with us. Mom made it very clear that she wasn’t going to let her go live with Dad. She loved Leslie so much. She already lost the oldest; she wasn’t going to give up her young daughter so easily, and sh

The Divorce - Part 2

My mom had always promised herself that she would never get a divorce. “Til death do us part” was serious business to her. My dad had told her he wanted a divorce, but he couldn’t get her to agree or sign the papers. No matter how drunk, unruly or mean he got, she refused. He finally told her that the Smiths were getting a divorce too, and he wanted to be with Mrs. Smith, my mom’s best friend. My mom was devastated. Not only was she about to lose her husband, she had just lost her best friend as well. He wasn’t just asking for a divorce. He wanted her to say that she wanted the divorce. I don’t remember why that was so important to him, but it became his mission. According to my mom, he kept

The Divorce

I don’t really know what happened with my parents when they got a divorce. I only know what I’ve been told after the fact by my mom, which I’m sure could be a bit one-sided. However, there was evidence to confirm what she told me, so I’m pretty confident that most of it was true. They were very good at keeping their problems hidden from me. I never knew we had issues with money, and I never knew they had been arguing, until a few days before my dad decided to move out. We lived in a nice home. We had continually improved our homes ever since I can remember. When I was in the 3rd grade, we had to write a paper for the school’s “open house” for parents. We had to describe ourselves and not put

The Eldest part 3

My older brother Ken dropped out of high school and was married to a lovely girl at the age of 19. After 2 years of marriage, they got a divorce. He never had any kids. I had always been relieved about that. He continued to live on a shoestring budget, getting high, playing in bands and taking odd jobs, like driving a van for a dry cleaner, until he got in an accident in the van and totaled it. He also fell asleep once while driving at night and totaled his car. It was a miracle he wasn’t badly hurt. After a few years, I mostly saw Ken only at Christmastime, both at my mom’s house and my dad’s house. He was stoned a lot and would show up at my mom’s for an hour or so on Christmas Eve. My mom

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