Looking for Magic

Last week my husband, Rusty, went to the grocery store and when he came up to the cashier, she asked how he was doing. “I am magical!” he declared. “The store is really busy and I didn’t have to stand in line to checkout – I just breezed in. I got my favorite parking spot right next to the cart return…you know – blue skies, green lights and all that.” The cashier was delighted. She said, “I usually tell people to have a magical day, and you already are!” I love magic and wonder. There’s a very real feeling of connection to the Great Creator – The I AM – God – however you want to identify it. Now that spring is emerging, it brings its quality of magic right before our eyes. Trees that looked

Kindergarten - Twice

As the youngest of four, I went to school last. The sibling closest to my age was my brother, who was 18 months older than me. So there was one school year when I had my mom all to myself. I was in heaven. Sometimes at lunch time she would set me up at a little kid’s table while she did things in the kitchen. I remember having canned tomato soup, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and one of my favorites at the time – canned mushroom soup poured on a piece of toast. (What was I thinking?!) Once in awhile my mom would create a face on my plate out of the food to make it fun. In the mornings, I would sit in her lap after the other kids had gone to school, playing with the strings on her bath

Animal Guides!

In 2018, I went on a private retreat in California with 2 other women – Hemla Makan-Dullabh and Phoebe Fazio. We had been on conference calls once a month for 6 months, getting to know each other, and playing with the idea of cohosting retreats. Hemla focuses on awakening the power within, using several modalities including color therapy, meditation, Enneagrams and Family Constellation work; Phoebe specializes in Sound Washings® for healing incorporating many tools including toning, crystal bowls with other instruments as well as reiki and yoga, and I specialize in enlightened music, healing tools and facilitate Divine connection with specific messages. We each have the gift of intuitive gui

Drowning in Love

I’ve never been able to define the word “Love.” To me, it’s like trying to define “God.” Some say that love is the opposite of fear, but I think they’re talking about that human kind of love, not the Love of the Divine. That kind of love has no opposite. Maybe by sharing an experience I had with Divine Love, you’ll feel its essence. And from that point, I could attempt a definition. I was in my mid-20’s and living in Wisconsin, when I decided to check out a rock quarry that had been converted to a community “pool.” I used to swim for exercise while I was in college, and wanted to get back in shape. The quarry was free to residents, so I didn’t have to worry about a club membership, and it w

Outside Play Time

When I was younger, we were expected to go outside, especially on pretty days. I grew up in Wisconsin, where you embraced the cold and took advantage of the warmer days. When my older siblings were younger, we played outside with the neighbor kids. A lot of times it was cowboys and Indians, or cowboys chasing bank robbers – whatever was popular on TV in those days. Quite often, I felt left behind on the action since I was too little to keep up. But I would try. When I was 3 or 4, I remember running as fast as I could to get to the front porch. We were either playing a tag game, or I was trying to get in the house in a hurry. The front step was a big one, but my goal was speed, and in my eff

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