Shared Dreams - Literally!

I had an experience with my husband, Rusty, that I thought wasn’t possible. It happened after a very intense and emotional day. My older brother had died of suicide at the age of 39, and we had just attended his funeral. We stayed at my mom’s house in her guest room. She had a sleeper sofa that faced the bedroom door. Rusty was sleeping on the right side, and I was on the left, which was more in line with the door. That night I dreamed that I was back at the funeral home. There were a few pews, and the rest of the room was filled with folding chairs. I was in the front row, sitting by myself. There were 20-30 people there in the dream, some were sitting and some were milling about. I was eit

Everyone Dreams. It’s a Natural Human Thing

My mom had scheduled an appointment for me to see a therapist who specializes in dreams. I had been remembering so many dreams each night, that by morning, I felt like I had no rest. I was living in two different worlds and it was exhausting. Actually more than that, since the 4-6 dreams per night were usually all different. The day of my appointment, I had 100s of dreams in notebooks and in my memory banks. I brought one notebook with me, anxious and apprehensive, but mostly feeling grateful for the opportunity to have some help. Finally, I was going to get some answers. He started by asking some general questions about my life. Once he made an evaluation that I was pretty stable and an ave

The Unexpected Practice of Remembering Dreams

My dad died when I was 18 years old. I was in the first semester of my freshman year in college. I lived off-campus in a 2-bedroom apartment with 3 other young women, fresh out of high school. My dad’s death was sudden. The events that prevented me from having any warning were incredibly synchronistic. It just so happened that my mom and stepfather decided to take a vacation in November that made a big loop around Wisconsin and ended up in Eau Claire, where I went to school. They had been gone for a week and came to visit me on a Thursday night. On Friday, my mom had attended some classes with me, which was great fun. I loved showing her what I was doing, and she loved being back in the lear

A Life Designed for Faith

Fear can be a blessing. It can drive us harder and faster toward the light, more so than complacency. Standing in a place of peace can appear like complacency sometimes. It’s hard to balance doing and not doing. I’ve been guided to spend more time in the quiet, so I thought writing might be distracting, but it almost seems like it enhances the soft voice within. This is the quiet. I am in a place with absolutely no distractions and no interruptions. I am here, with my thoughts and fears, knowing I’m spending time with you, and my best friends who are unseen, who Guide me with Grace. Yes, I believe in angels. I believe in Jesus. I believe in Meher Baba and all those who came to incarnate as G

2019 - A Brave New Year

I’ve been getting the feeling that time is running short. Really short. I know time has sped up in the past few years, and I’m blaming that on the shifting of the earth’s poles. Even the inuits noticed that the North Star is no longer where it used to be. But even with that being the case, I’m talking about my life personally. Time seems to be running out. I’ve decided to get a grip, and just sit down and work my ass off. Will this actually happen? Only time will tell. I seem to have the time allocated to lots of things other than what I feel I’m supposed to be doing, and although it will take a great shift of habits and at least a half a dozen unimaginable miracles, I’m showing up today. I

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